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Diwali is the biggest festival in India and we all celebrate it to the fullest. This festival is very important too in Corporate to strengthen the bond and professional relationship. Companies and Corporate have the ritual to give the gifts to their staff, valuable clients and other corporate partners. We at chocolicks, are engaged in crafting best of the corporate gifts with our designer boxes and sumptuous chocolates. We offer our clients a wide range of customized chocolate boxes and gift packs.


We assure to provide the quality product at the guaranteed best prices!


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Diwali Festival for Corporates


India celebrates Diwali with as much enthusiasm as Indians can muster. And in this part of India, Delhi to be specific, Diwali is as big a deal, as can be! It is an event to spread joy all around and get the joy back in return. Chocolates have come a long way to become the perfect gifting options for Diwali. Customised chocolates are for those who do not like the idea of plain chocolates as gifts for their loved ones. Chocolate boxes have lit up a trillion smiles all over the World, just like Diwali in India. This exchange can also be found in almost all the companies in the corporate sector. The joyous spread, that is, this gift giving and gift receiving, is seen as an occasion in the corporate sector to reward and recognize all those who contribute to the efficient running of their company. The gifts and gifting are not only limited to the staff of the company but also to their valuable clients, stakeholders, associates, and partners. The Indian corporate Diwali is a fantastic way to show the bond that holds a corporate sector together. And therefore, it is of immense importance that the corporations convey their warm regards with gifts that say it best! The thoughts appear customised just like the chocolate gift boxes that we make. Let chocolate boxes speak on your behalf this Diwali! The whole gift ordering process can be done online and very simply. Try now!


Why Chocolate Gifts for Corporates


Whilst putting across your heartfelt emotions, it is of utmost importance that you make sure that as much thought is given in the making of the gift as the value of the receiver. A healthy work environment in a corporate is as important for the employees as for the clients and stakeholders themselves who make up an integral part of a corporate. That is why we ensure that our delightful chocolate boxes keep the good vibes flowing in the corporate offices in Delhi. Let Chocolicks help you in celebrating this year’s Diwali with just the right amount of flowing happiness and good. Our customized gift boxes speak volumes of what you really want to convey. What better way to end a yearlong toil of hard work but by appreciating it with divine and delicious chocolates which not only convey the gratefulness but do it with thoughtfulness! Delhi, being the heart of a diverse India, looks for an event to celebrate but with Diwali, all we need to be thankful for is the success we achieve with the help of all the corporate staff. Hence, the corporate sector looking for unique gifts for their employees, clients etc need to look no further. Easily accessible online, order from our perfect selection of delicate chocolates that melt in your mouth leaving a wonderful taste and even a more pleasant memory of that year’s Diwali. Order online on our website now for an everlasting pleasant experience. 





























Diwali Gifting Ideas for Corporates by Chocolicks


As we head towards this year’s Diwali, we want the festivities to be full of excitement and luminous smiles, and that is why chocolicks have crafted innovative corporate gifting ideas with attractive boxes full of vivid colors and life! The corporate life could use gift boxes with colour and sweetness, therefore the chocolicks chocolates/ chocolate boxes are the best way to go about this year’s gift-giving season. And since Delhi is the melting pot of India, with an assortment of cultures and styles, it is quite obvious that an assortment of tastes and variety of preferences will provide itself as our orders. We accept the challenge and not to boast but win every single time! Don’t believe us? Browse through our enormous range of chocolate flavours ranging from hazelnut, Choco chip, butterscotch to orange and paan etc. We offer exceedingly mouth-watering chocolates to satisfy your every taste bud, that too online. And since we understand the value of time, we’ve made the online gift ordering process extremely simple. So, this year, make your Diwali a delicious one!


Assorted Diwali Chocolates Gift Boxes


Whipping up amazingly delicious chocolates for us is as simple as crafting exquisite gift boxes that bring life and color to the whole atmosphere. We at chocolicks, believe that everybody deserves the gift of choice, especially our customers. That is why we not only bring about a change in the generic chocolate flavours but also in the gift boxes as well for our customers to achieve the maximum satisfaction level. This Diwali light up the mood of your employees and clients with our customised boxes of chocolate for corporates. You can select from our wide range of beautiful customized boxes to suit your preferences on the outside as gifts. And select delicious chocolates from a never-ending range to suit your preferences for the inside of the customized box to make a complete gift. Our extraordinary range of flavors will happily startle you as you choose through flavors such as butterscotch, hazelnut, orange, paan, nuts, crackle and many many more! You can pick up any flavour, and we will take care of the rest. The delicate flavours are just your way of saying thank you to your work friends and our way of spreading as much sweetness as we possibly can this Diwali.


Chocolates as Gifts This Diwali season


In India, the concept of gifting chocolate boxes on Diwali is a widely accepted tradition in today’s corporate world. The ever-increasing popularity of chocolates as corporate gifts on this Diwalihas led to the emergence of an easier online ordering process amidst a hectic corporate environment that lets you choose the best wholesome gift in a matter of minutes. We offer a wide range of mouth-watering chocolates as gifting options for your corporate staff and clientele to make sure that you get the added special touch to your gifts. So, why hesitate then? Because when it comes to Delhi, more is always less, in terms of festivity and customised chocolate boxes speak volumes amidst gifts which have been gifted with no thought whatsoever. Pick through the widest selection of chocolates that leave sweet and tasty memories on your taste buds, memories of Diwali, lights, joyfulness and of course our special customized boxes of chocolates that are made to impress.


Flavored Diwali chocolates for corporates


Whilst making chocolates this Diwali season, the use of cocoa beans is, of course, an essential but we at Chocolicks know that chocolates are much more delicious if they contain more than just cocoa beans. That is why we have come up with the perfect flavours for our corporate customers this Diwali season! You can customise from the long list of flavors and voila! You now have the best gift box ready to share with your colleagues and spread the sweetness. Why would you choose anything else when you and your fellow corporate mates can enjoy Diwali feasting on delightfully flavoured chocolates with. Elegant boxes have your gift receivers already ecstatic to receive the customized boxes.  Corporate life is all about decisions and decision-making but even so, our un-ending range of flavors will have you scratching your head. Browse online to come across the most mouth-watering chocolate flavors this Diwali season. We have butterscotch, assorted nuts, milk, dark, hazelnut, marble chocolates, crackle and what not! Try for yourself and become among the many satisfied customers that Chocolicks has amassed over time. 

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Assorted Handmade Chocolates
Handmade Chocolates
Corporate Diwali Gift Packs
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Happy Diwali Chocolate Bar
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Hand Made Chocolates Box
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Assorted Designer Chocolate Box
Handmade Chocolate Box
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Handmade Designer Chocolate Box
Chocolate Hampers for Corporate
Corporate Diwali Gift Packs
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Diwali Gift Pack
Happy Diwali Chocolate Bar

Few of our Clients


Whether its Diwali or any other corporate event, we have been catering to our corporate clients since long by providing them the customized chocolate gift boxes. 






























We specialize in providing the finest handcrafted chocolates with a wide range of delicious chocolates which will leave a remarkable impression on your clients. We have been catering our corporate partners as per their customized demand for handmade chocolates.


  • We have options of special designer boxes to choose from.

  • Price range starts from Rs. 150 Per Box.

  • Special Corporate discount can be availed with minimum order of 10 Boxes.

  • Over 30 options of flavors and stuffing to choose from.



Please contact +91-9711044174 or write us to for Corporate Inquiries.


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