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Corporate Diwali Gifts | Wedding Invitation Chocolates | Assorted Chocolates

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The Chocolicks - Customized Handmade Chocolate Gifts

At Chocolicks, we understand the requirement of our customers and customize the chocolates accordingly, packed in beautiful gift boxes and elegant gift packs. We specialize in manufacturing assorted handmade chocolates with an enormous range of flavors and stuffing. These chocolates are then packed in designer and attractive gift boxes according to the occasion or an event.


We have a wide range of chocolates for corporate gifting. Our customized delicious chocolates and beautiful gift packs give a long-lasting impression on every occasion. The chocolate gift range we have is especially for corporate Diwali gifts, corporate events, corporate functions, corporate trade meetings, employee Diwali gifts.


Our handmade chocolate gift hampers are widely purchased for festivals like Diwali, Rakshabandhan (Rakhi), Valentine. Diwali being the major festival for gifting to the loved ones, we are one of the most preferred handmade chocolate brands. We have a tastefully designed collection of chocolate gift boxes for wedding invitations, wedding return gifts, and wedding anniversary.


We have specially designed chocolate gift boxes for Birthdays. There are multiple gift options for Birthday Gifts, Return Gifts, Birthday Invitation. The chocolates for birthday are manufactured keeping the children’s taste and preference in mind.


The Chocolicks assures to offer one of the finest handmade chocolates in Delhi. We craft assorted chocolates blended with different flavors and studded with the goodness of nuts, butterscotch, caramel, hazelnut, cranberry and much more.


Our handmade chocolates come with the assurance of perfect taste and best quality to make it outstanding as compared to other homemade chocolates. The ingredients which we use in our chocolates are of the finest quality.  

“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 

- Linda Grayson -


For the Sweetest Moments In Life

Exquisite Chocolate Gift Packs for Corporate Gifting


The Chocolicks specializes in crafting impressive chocolate boxes and gift hampers for Corporate Gifts in Delhi. Our chocolates and gift boxes are available in a wide range of customized options to suit the relevant occasions of various corporate events. From chocolate stuffing/flavoring to chocolate wrapping to chocolate boxes, everything is customizable as per the corporate needs.


Corporate Diwali Gifts


Diwali is the biggest festival of India and it is celebrated widely across India including Delhi NCR. Diwali is considered the most auspicious occasion for Indians and thus companies & organizations of all nature lookout for Diwali gifts for corporate. There is a trend to distribute Diwali gifts to the clients, colleagues, employees, trade partners and other relevant people in the corporate industry. Each and every corporate makes its best effort to give a lasting impact on the person to whom they gift and thus customized corporate chocolate gift options are becoming widely popular. We bring a wide range of gifting options for our corporate clients to cater to their specific requirements related to Diwali gifts.


Corporate Diwali Chocolate Gifts for Clients


Diwali is a very important festival for each one of us, it gives a great opportunity to corporate to impress their clients and trade partners. Our chocolate gift packs come with an assurance to give a lasting effect with the perfect taste and beautiful appearance. Over the period of the past few years, we have been catering to our corporate clients based in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, and other NCR regions. Delhi-NCR is a corporate hub spread out in multiple domains. Since we are based out at South Delhi, we prefer to visit each of our clients across Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon to make them taste our range of chocolates, show them the sample boxes and analyze their specific needs to offer them exactly what they need.


Corporate Chocolate Gifts for Staff and Employees


Employees are the most useful resource for any company. They put the best of their efforts the entire year to outperform and achieve the goals the companies had set. They play the most pivotal role in the company’s success and thus companies leave no stone unturned to keep them motivated for their contribution. Diwali being the most important festival, corporate prefer to pick the best gifts for their employees. We give a wide range of Diwali gifts for employees which can be customized as per the requirement. Apart from Diwali corporate gifts, we also have gifts packs for Employee Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, Special Recognition Award, etc.


Adding another Sweet Memory to your Wedding


The wedding is a very special occasion for the families which no one forgets. Let us make unforgettable for the wedding guests as well by gifting those assorted chocolates with sumptuous taste and gorgeous packaging. We have a wide range of handmade wedding chocolates to be gifted to guests along with marriage invitation cards, for pre-wedding ceremonies, for return gifts, wedding gifts to special guests.



Wedding Chocolates with Marriage Invitation Cards


Marriage is the most important occasion of the couple’s life and their families, so they put the best of their efforts to make the event memorable. There is an old trend in Indian marriage to give sweets along with the marriage invitation card. Now is the era of modernization, and thus customized chocolates have either replaced the traditional sweets or some couples prefer to complement the chocolates along with the sweets. Chocolicks gives a lot of options of marriage chocolate gift boxes with the customized chocolates as per the taste and preference. So invite your special guests to the wedding with Customized Assorted wedding chocolates specially handcrafted for the special occasion.



Chocolate Gifts for all Wedding Ceremonies


Marriage is considered to be the biggest festival for we Indians since there are lots & lots of functions, events, ceremonies, especially in Delhi NCR. For each occasion starting from Roka, Sagaai, Sagan, Mehndi to Wedding, there is a lot gifting to the relatives, in-laws, guests. Our Chocolates can be instrumental in making gifts unforgettable on all these special occasions of the wedding.


Wedding Chocolate Gifts for Special Guests


There is a ritual in Indian Weddings that In-laws exchange the sweets with each other on every ceremony of wedding. The first wedding invitation card goes to the In-Laws along with boxes of sweets, then the sweets are exchanged during Roka, then Engagement, Sagan and then Wedding. Our handmade chocolates are elegantly customized and beautifully packed with designer gift boxes to make each and every ceremony of the wedding special and memorable.


Return Gifts to Wedding Guests


It is a trend in Indian wedding to no close guest or relative leaves the wedding function empty-handed. They are gifted with something sweet along with another present. To make it more elegant and memorable, traditional sweets are being replaced with handmade chocolates nowadays. We customize handmade chocolates with gift boxes for wedding return gifts as per the need and preference of our client.




Make your Birthday memorable with Chocolicks Chocolates


Here, in India, birthdays are celebrated just like a festival with the same amount of energy and excitement. And, it should come as no surprise that Delhi, the heart of India, doubles even that joyfulness! That is why; we at Chocolicks want to lend an everlasting touch to your birthday celebrations. Gone are the days of pondering over birthday related items, with our variety of chocolates, you won’t have to think twice about how to make your birthday gift, birthday invitations and even your birthday return gifts a huge hit!  Explore our incomparable line of birthday gifts, birthday invitations, birthday return gifts and many more. And that’s not it, we at Chocolicks create gifting solutions by combining exquisite chocolates in beautiful packages. Because the two things that would be on top of anybody’s favorites’ list are birthdays and of course chocolates!


Birthday Gifts


We all love giving gifts as well as receiving gifts. On an average, people in India, gift and receive gifts at least 10 times in a year. We chocolickians believe in providing the best gift for birthdays, Diwali etc. We understand the importance and emotions attached to gifts, whether it is a birthday party or an anniversary, we ensure that our chocolate boxes reach you in time. We have delivered our chocolate boxes across the whole of Delhi. Gifts are an essential part of all celebrations and that is exactly why, we import the best quality of cocoa beans, cream, flavors from countries outside of India like Switzerland, Belgium, France, and the USA. We constantly evolve our flavors and textures to ensure that our quality and uniqueness stay intact. Just like our gift boxes. Chocolicks is one of the most famous luxury chocolate brands in India. In our several years of existence, we have become one of the most sought-after chocolate brands for gifting purpose, birthday parties, corporate parties etc.


Birthday Invitations


Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with the people you love! Birthdays are also an occasion to share and make sweet memories with your loved one. We at chocolicks believe that chocolates are the sweetest way to kick off your birthday celebrations. Keeping this in mind, we have designed irresistible chocolate box invitations. Imagine spoiling your loved with delicious chocolates before the party even starts! We have sent numerous chocolate box invitation cards across Delhi for birthday parties, marriage, anniversaries etc. We understand that often gifts are as important as a birthday party which is why we chocolickians create chocolate boxes according to your tastes and preferences. Chocolicks chocolate boxes have enjoyed great reviews by our customers for a very long time now. Give us a chance to make you fall in love with our rich, delightful chocolates too.


Birthday Return Gifts


Want to match up to the expectations of your little and adult birthday guests alike? Stay calm and browse through our collection of a variety of rich chocolates. As, we know that looking after the taste of people in India, that too in Delhi, is no joke. Therefore, we have curated a loving line of chocolates to choose from, as ideal return gifts. Everyone looks forward to birthday parties, no matter if it’s your 5th or 50th! And the return gifts are as important, which is why our chocolates can be molded to fit your unique tastes. In the past, we have made chocolates of flavors like mint, orange, hazelnut, paan etc. as birthday return gifts! We also specialize in decorative boxes wherein we hand pack our chocolates to suit your preferences for birthday parties. The birthday guests will love the delicious flavors melting in their mouths while you will love their appreciation of your birthday return gifts.


First Birthday Invitations


The first birthday of a child always carries a very high importance for the parents. It reminds them that their little bundle of happiness is growing up and growing up fast. The first birthday and the first birthday party begin a whole new chapter in the lives of everyone involved, most importantly the parents. As this starts a whole lifetime of creating memories with the ones you love! Ask any parent, they will tell you that time flows by in the blink of an eye. One moment they are bringing their child to their home and the next thing you know, you are planning for his/her 1st birthday. And even though your child most probably won’t remember his or her first birthday but that shouldn’t discourage you from making it a memorable affair anyway for birthday guests and yourself. Since a child can only have one first birthday party, pull no stops for celebration, massive guest list, intricate decorations and unbridled joy. So that even if at any point in time, you or your child wish to look back at memories of the first birthday, they know that they’ve had grand parties from the start!


One of the most important aspects of first birthday parties are the birthday invitations because that lets your birthday guests know how truly excited you are for your child’s first birthday! That’s where we come in to make sure that you get the most delectable chocolates as the announcement for your child’s first birthday party! Choose from a variety of mouth-watering, delicious chocolates to accompany your invitations. Our chocolates are sure to make your birthday guests remember your child’s first birthday party for a long time!



Varieties to choose from :


Dark Chocolates: Our handmade dark chocolates gives a great taste with the delicious bitterness of cocoa. 


Nuts Chocolate: We offer a range of chocolates filled with rich nuts. You can choose your own favourite nuts chocolate from Cashew / Almond / Raisins / Walnut / Peanuts / Hazelnut / Roasted Almond / Mixed Nuts.


Flavored Chocolates: We craft our designer chocolates with various flavors. The different flavors available are Caramel, Butterscotch, Mint, Paan, Strawberry, Orange, Mango, Vanilla, Coffee.


Center Filled Chocolates: Soft Caramel, Truffle, Hazelnut cream, Strawberry crush, Oreo, Cranberry, Honey, Liquid Chocolate.


Liquor Chocolate: The liquor chocolates are available in different flavors. Whiskey / Vodka / Rum. Enjoy our delectable handmade chocolates with the smooth taste of liquor.

Corporate Diwali Chocolate Gift Boxes – Latest Collection

We believe in refreshing the entire range of chocolate gift boxes for Diwali gifting every year. Along with the bestsellers of each year, we add a wide range of handmade chocolates gift options for our corporate clients. This year as well we have added new range of gifting options for the Diwali festival.

This is one of the finest chocolate boxes we have in our range. The beautiful and elegant multi-color chocolate box is made of MDF Wood. It has 21 delicious handmade chocolates. The chocolates can be put off one’s own choice from plain dark chocolates, milk chocolates, Mixed Nuts Chocolates, flavored chocolates. This is a perfect option for gifting important clients on Diwali. The chocolates are foiled with the finest quality wrapper with 4 color options.

Handmade Chocolate Gift Box for Diwali Gifting
Chocolate Gift Packs for Corporate Diwali Gifting

It’s a beautiful white coloured chocolate box with 16 pieces of handmade chocolates. It is one of the bestselling chocolate box since it is both, elegant yet beautiful. Last year, the chocolate box was also in the news where The Statesman Newspaper mentioned about us. Here is the link:


If you are looking to impress your corporate client with an unforgettable gift, this box tick mark all since it is a beautiful gift box with sumptuous handmade chocolates available in wide range of flavours and stuffing.

These are the all-season favorite chocolate boxes for gifting purpose. These are elegant, simple, beautiful and designer chocolate boxes suited for Diwali gifting. Brown Box contains 20 handmade chocolates and Blue Box comes with an option of 24 chocolates. These are all fully customizable chocolate boxes. It can have handmade chocolates with nuts (Almond/Cashews/Walnut/Raisins) and other stuffing like Butterscotch, Caramel, Oreo cookies, Crackle. We deliver all our handmade chocolate boxes across India including Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai

Assorted Chocolates for Diwali Gifting
Handmade chocolates gift pack for corporate gifting
Chocolate Gift Box for Corporate Gifting on Diwali

This is one of the most premium chocolate boxes in our range of handmade gifting chocolate packs. It is an extremely elegant and luxury gifting box which can customize to either 12 handmade chocolates and Almonds/Cashews/combination of Almond & Cashews or one can keep 24 assorted chocolates in it. It is a wooden box covered with the finest quality cloth. One can customize the chocolates inside with an option of assortments available. Diwali is the best time to gift these beautiful customized handmade chocolate boxes to the corporate clients and other close ones

This is a grand chocolate bar with the wishes engraved in the chocolate comes with the beautiful packaging for Diwali gifting. It is delicious massive chocolate comes with an option of plain dark chocolate/milk chocolate or white chocolate. And also with stuffing like Nuts, Butterscotch, Cookies, and Cream, flavored including coffee, paan, liquor, mixed fruits. This single chocolate looks beautiful and delicious to eat.

Bes Handmade chocolates for Diwali Gift

Finest Chocolates – Made with safe hygienic standards


The world has changed completely in the year 2020 as compared to 2019. People have changed their way of working, traveling, eating. One thing which has not changed with us is the safety and hygiene measures which we take while manufacturing the best handmade chocolates of Delhi. We were following international manufacturing standards of handmade chocolates then, and we are taking stricter measures now. We make sure that our handmade chocolates for Diwali gifting are all safe, hygiene, pure, and without any compromise on the taste and flavor. The Chocolicks is a strong brand in handmade chocolates for gifting and we are proud of our brand and trust we have built among our corporate clients over a period of 6 years. We are the most trusted and preferred handmade chocolate brand for Diwali gifting and several other festivals and occasions. 

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